Zelda Tears of the Kingdom: we know the meaning of the title

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom which can be translated into French by Tears of the Kingdom can, thanks to the subtleties of the English language, also be translated by… Tears of the Kingdom. And inevitably since the announcement, speculation is rife. Should we see a pun between Tears and Tears? Where is this a completely different interpretation?

Nintendo gives the correct answer on its Zelda

So Nintendo has just put an end to the debate via a statement to our colleagues from Eurogamer : for the Japanese giant, there are not 1001 explanations to seek, the “tears” of the titles correspond to the “tears”. Nintendo had not wanted to answer this problem earlier to avoid spoilers but obviously… Such is life. From there, it is obviously the speculation fair that also begins. Some wonder if it is not the tears of Princess Zelda herself and therefore that something dramatic will necessarily happen for her.

One of the explanations of the title?

As reported by Eurogamer, it could also be for Link to have to recover seven tears in the form of artifacts via a quest. This could well explain the wall engraving that is visible in the new trailer. In short, to your predictions.

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