Zelda Tears of The Kingdom and Ghibli have a son, his name is Europa

Zelda Tears of The Kingdom and Ghibli have a son, his name is Europa

Before the very big night of the Game Awards 2022, a small edition of Wholesomes Games Snack in order to present several independent games and one of them was all the rage thanks to its magnificent artistic touch, halfway between a Zelda Tears of The Kingdom and an anime from Ghibli studios. Her name ? Europe.

Europa, the hidden son of Zelda and Ghibli

Europe presents itself as an action adventure game in open world where we will embody a young android boy gone on a trip around the world. The game takes place not far from the planet Jupiter, on abandoned land shortly after an attempted terraforming. In Europenature has fully taken back its rights and the ruins are legion.

Our little hero will then try to unravel the mystery of this lost civilization by crossing environments that promise to be varied. We can indeed see immense plains strewn with ruins attacked by vegetation, snow-capped mountains bitten by the cold or even large flying islands which overlook the world from the skies. A trip that promises to be particularly exotic, especially as the ultra-colorful artistic direction seems to be doing a remarkable job.

To facilitate exploration, our little android will have a whole host of movements at its disposal. The latter can, for example, surf on the water, fly, hover and cavort.
Developed by the small studio Helder Pinto, Europe should be available next year on PC. For now, no specific date to put in your mouth and no other platform has been mentioned. But here is a title that we would enjoy enjoying on the small Nintendo Switch. Who knows, if success may be there?

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