YouTube: Will 4K become paid?

What if 4k became paid for on YouTube? Tests which have just been completed leave one wondering about the will of the giant on this subject.

What if watching YouTube content in 4K would become a paid privilege? In any case, this is the experiment that has been set up by Google with a certain number of users. And obviously this small-scale test has just ended, as YouTube reports on its networks.

A change to come on YouTube?

We have completely disabled this experience. Users should now be able to access 4K quality resolutions without a Premium subscription. We’re here if you have any further questions.

To take advantage of 4K, you therefore had to be a member of YouTube Premium or still pay 11.99 euros / month. For the record, this service offers ad-free streaming of all videos hosted on YouTube, exclusive original content with the site’s main creators, as well as offline playback and background playback of videos on mobile. Lots of quality stuff.

Paid 4K YouTube?
Example of paid 4K.

Let’s never forget that in the past, highly criticized experiments, such as the famous removal of the “dislike” buttons (the red thumb) have led to changes that are definitive to say the least. We are therefore not immune to a paid 4K definition in the future to save money.

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