Yakuza: the creator’s next game as crazy as a Tarantino film

Yakuza: the creator's next game as crazy as a Tarantino film

Toshihiro Nagoshi and other members of Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio have left their company and SEGA for new adventures with NetEase. Yakuza 8 will therefore be done without him, but the Japanese developer remains motivated. He even has great ambitions if they really materialize.

The creator of Yakuza inspired by Quentin Tarantino

During an interview for 4Players (via VGC), Toshihiro Nagoshi, the father of Yakuza, revealed the direction he wants to take for his first game under the banner of his new studio. A structure that belongs as a reminder to the Chinese giant NetEase Games. And his description of his project is interesting to say the least.

I can’t tell you much about our game yet, but I can give you a rough idea. Violence will clearly be an element of gameplay, but without going into thriller or horror. I want my game to feel like a Quentin Tarantino movie – with a place for humor. Something that’s uniquely intimidating, bloody, or brutal isn’t to my liking. I want a human touch, a bit of humor and seriousnessthat’s what I’m looking for right now.

Given the quality of the filmmaker’s feature films, we wish Nagoshi-san to find the right balance because many have broken their teeth pastiche Quentin Tarantino. When is the reveal? “You probably won’t have to wait too long… Or rather: I think I’ll reveal it much sooner than other developers would” he adds. At The Game Awards 2022?

The creator of Yakuza even returned to his departure from SEGA. This choice is simple: he preferred to return to designing games rather than persevering in a management position. According to him, this departure served both his interests and those of SEGA.

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