XMG announces a laptop as overpowered as it is overpriced

XMG announces a laptop as overpowered as it is overpriced

The German manufacturer XMG is going to release a new monster as a Laptop PC with a mind-blowing configuration (and the price that goes with it, of course).

If you find your PC a little soft then why not fall for this new baby from XMG which only costs the modest sum of 3600 euros. For this price, you obviously have the right to the best.

XMG Neo 17: under the AMD banner

The XMG Neo 17 features a Ryzen 6000 processor up to Ryzen 9 6900HX and a very powerful NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Ti mobile graphics card. The laptop in question has a 16:10 screen, offering a maximum definition of 2560 x 1600 and a refresh rate of 240 Hz. To top it off, the German company also mentions a 99 Wh battery and a mechanical keyboard CherryMax. And mechanics on a laptop is rare enough to be underlined.

The XMG Neo 17 also marks the difference thanks to its liquid cooling system called XMG Oasis, which already exists as an option with the XMG Neo 15. This system works via an external box connected to the laptop PC. According to the manufacturer, it lowers the temperatures of the CPU/GPU duo by up to twenty degrees. It’s quite impressive.

The brand new XMG NEO 17 (M22) is the brand’s most powerful laptop ever! Fully exploiting the maximum power limits of its high-end hardware, a class-leading cooling system, fast 240Hz display, high resolution (2560 x 1600 pixels) in 16:10 aspect ratio and 99 Wh give birth to a high performance package that has been implemented to perfection – expandable with the innovative XMG OASIS liquid cooling system.

In collaboration with traditional German manufacturer Cherry, we also present to you the perfect gaming keyboard with the brand new Cherry MX Ultra Low Profile Tactile RGB mechanical keys, delivering exceptional precision.

The price is therefore 3600 euros and more (or less) depending on the configuration of your choice.

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