Xiaomi launches a new gaming screen to seduce gamers: the Mi 2k 27 “

Xiaomi launches a new gaming screen to seduce gamers: the Mi 2k 27 "

This powerful model is marketed at a very reasonable price, given its mind-blowing features. A priori, it has everything to be the best gaming monitor of the moment. But to confirm this, a test will be necessary.

At a time when all gaming screens are sold between 500 and 1,000 euros, a model under 300 euros is a real bargain. But you still have to make sure that the Xiaomi Mi 2K 27 “PC Gaming screen is as advantageous as it claims to be.

The characteristics of a high-end screen

Xiaomi Mi 2K 27″ PC Gaming screen is sold at a reduced price, but it is far from being a low-end product. Indeed, with its 2560*1440P QHD 2K definition, it allows you to enjoy excellent quality image quality. So your enemies will have nowhere to hide. With such a bright and clear screen, you’ll see them coming from afar. And for a quality gaming experience, this gaming monitor has a speed 165 Hz refresh rate, more than enough to handle games requiring high FPS. With more fluidity, the player will be able to target his enemies more easily.

And to raise the bar even higher, it features thin edges and wide vision, thanks to the 178° IPS. So you will always have a good viewing angle. But that’s not all. This gaming monitor is also equipped with DCI-P3 95% color gamut, which can display countless crisp and vivid tones. Images and videos are so realistic you’ll feel like you’re inside the screen.

In terms of design, the Xiaomi Mi 2K 27″ PC Gaming screen is very elegant for a plastic model. It is very sober and compact, with a panel recessed into the chassis. The manufacturer’s logo is engraved in full on the back. It is criticized for not having been designed with better quality materials, but given its price, we couldn’t hope for more.

A practical and ergonomic design

The first advantage of the Xiaomi Mi 2K screen is that it is light, with its 6.5 kg. Thus, you will have no trouble transporting it. It has a quality foot, very flexible, which you can rotate as you wish. It is possible to use the screen in landscape mode as well as in portrait mode. Thanks to the aluminum plate on which it stands, the screen offers excellent stability when gaming. It can stand upright on a desk, as it can be hung on the wall using a VESA clip.

And for more practicality, its foot has a small hole through which you can pass the power cables. To make your purchase more than pleasant, Amazon offers a 30-day return period. During this period, you can return your screen to claim an exchange or a refund. In addition, you will be entitled to a warranty on your product. What more do you expect?

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