Xenoblade Chronicles 3 : no collector at the exit, Nintendo offers a solution

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 : no collector at the exit, Nintendo offers a solution

Some collectors were already happy to get their hands on that of Xenoblade Chronicles 3. But you’ll have to make up your mind.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 pushes its collector back to France

So ! Unfortunately, the collector’s edition of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 will not be available for pre-order before the release at home (and elsewhere in Europe). Nintendo invokes, as we suspected, logistical concerns that mean that the manufacturer is forced to shift everything.

Thank you to everyone who expressed interest in the Collector’s Edition and expressed interest in pre-ordering it from the My Nintendo Store. Due to logistical unforeseen issues, we are unable to offer pre-orders of the Collector’s Edition before the game’s launch on July 29.

However, all is not lost…

The alternative solution to play it right out

Indeed, as a solution, Nintendo offers you to buy the goodies Xenoblade Chronicles 3 and the game separately.

We apologize to anyone who was hoping to pre-order it before the game was released. To allow everyone to buy and enjoy the game when it is released, we will now offer to acquire the bonus content of the Collector’s Edition (including its packaging, an illustration booklet and a metal game case) separately at a price from which the price of the game will be subtracted.

Good news ? This will depend on the final price at which the physical bonuses will be sold. Interested? The best option is to register at this address to receive notifications about the Collector’s Edition.

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