Xbox will help you communicate better with your friends, here’s how

Xbox will help you communicate better with your friends, here's how

If you’re tired of background noise, hearing music from your playmates or just sometimes even the noise of the console fan, then this new update will please you. The owners of Xbox Series X and S can indeed now suppress noise during group chats.

A technology that will greatly help to communicate on Xbox

During a game there is nothing more annoying than hearing background noise or even the breathing of a player, especially if the microphone of the user in question is of poor quality. Fortunately the new noise suppression on the software side should solve the problem. The website Microsoft specifies all the same that it is possible to deactivate this option (which works automatically) if you wish to take advantage of the background noise. One can for example imagine the use of a console during an evening, with music in the background.

Xbox noise cancellation is similar to Discord’s Krisp audio filters but especially to the impressive Nvidia application which allows you to completely filter out extraneous noise (NVIDIA RTX Voice). Very community-based, this new update also includes a new way to join friend games.

Now friends you share your game clips and screenshots with can not only watch your captures, but they can start playing right away on their mobile device or PC with cloud gaming to join you.

It works somewhat similar to what Stadia offers (despite its failure).

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