Xbox wants the return of two ultra cult licenses from Blizzard

Xbox wants the return of two ultra cult licenses from Blizzard

While the takeover of Activision Blizzard is dragging its feet and making Sony cringe, the head of the Xbox branch is already thinking about what he could do with the publisher’s cult games, other than Call of Duty, if ever the acquisition were to be validated.

Xbox has two Blizzard legends in the crosshairs

Yes, since if the battle between Microsoft and Sony has mainly the shooter in its sights, Activision Blizzard also has other licenses in its pocket, some of which are real classics in their genre, although less “popular” than the famous FPS.

We are obviously talking here about StarCraft and WarCraft, two series of STR (real-time strategy) games that have marked the history of video games. In addition to its great qualities, StarCraft still managed to place its second episode as one of the precursors of esports (especially in South Korea).

While for its part WarCraft has given birth to an excessively rich universe and to the now cult MMO World of Warcraft. It is also thanks to WarCraft 3 that a genre was born, the MOBA (DOTA 2, League of Legends), just that. Two flagship licenses that helped Blizzard make a name for themselves and are now eyeing Phil Spencer.

StarCraft and WarCraft back soon?

Asked in the columns of Wired Regarding Xbox’s relationship with STRs since the acquisition of Relic Entertainment (Age of Empires 4, Age of Mythology), Phil Spencer said he was very excited at the idea of ​​looking into the case of StarCraft and WarCraft.

First, I would say that I am not allowed to make decisions about what happens at Blizzard, Activision or King. These are just discussions and reflections on the possibilities available to us. And not just with StarCraft, there’s WarCraft too, when you think about the legacy of RTS games, and especially Blizzard. Today, I don’t have any concrete projects, because I can’t really go there and work with the teams. But StarCraft, for example, was a cornerstone in video game history, right? From an esports perspective, strategy games and storytelling in genre RTS.

So I’m looking forward to speaking with the teams at Activision and Blizzard to talk about any opportunities we might have. It’s not something I can actively work on at the moment, but the idea of ​​being able to think about what might happen with these franchises is very exciting for me, having spent many hours playing these games .

Phil Spencer at Wired

For the time being, nothing is in the works and Phil Spencer still has his hands tied as long as the takeover is not validated. But if this one ends up being, it could well be that we find StarCraft and WarCraft on the Xbox ecosystem in one way or another. Whether it’s with remakes (the big trend) or new opuses, you never know.

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