Xbox Series X|S: a major feature still a problem

Xbox Series X|S: a major feature still a problem

With the Xbox Series X|S, Microsoft has implemented an option that is very popular with players: the Quick Resume. But now, on some titles, the functionality is totally unstable.

The Quick Resume can be deactivated on Xbox Series ?

The Quick Resume is a feature exclusive to Xbox Series X|S which allows to launch several games and to alternate between each of them. Without needing to close an application and thereby lose unsaved progress. Even if you turn off the console, you pick up right where you left off. Depending on their weight, you can have between 5 and 7 games open simultaneously. Since a February 2022 update, it is additionally possible to keep two titles in memory, regardless of other things running.

There is nothing to report for single-player games, but for multiplayer productions, things are going badly. What a player deplores who would like the Quick Resume to be deactivated on Xbox Series.

I still don’t understand how come this feature can’t be disabled. It’s great for a lot of games, but when trying to quickly restart a multiplayer game, it breaks everything. You must then leave the title manually. If only an option to disable it on these games existed!


It’s possible ? The future will tell, but Phil Spencer, boss of Xbox, will go back to his teams.

It’s a legitimate request that makes sense. We will put it on the list of things to study.

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