Xbox Series X: a super good plan before the price increase

Want to buy a Xbox Series X or a Xbox Series S at a low price? Here are the best Black Friday deals before they go up in price.

After two years of shortage, the state of stocks is improving. The PS5 now easier to find, scalpers are setting their sights on other rare products to resell at exorbitant prices. For their part, the Xbox Series are regularly available from various retailers. Black Friday was therefore particularly awaited by those who wish to crack for Microsoft’s most powerful console before the potential price increase. That’s good, two good wild plans have just appeared.

Good plans for Xbox Series X&S

Now that the Xbox Series X is easier to find, resellers go there from their pack. This is for example the case of Leclerc, which has just ignited the Internet with a new good plan. The deal of the day indeed includes an XSX console as well as two games: Halo Infinite and Far Cry 6. Everything is sold for €499.99 instead of €587, a reduction of 15% in total. A deal to grab since it comes down to the price of the console alone with two titles offered. For now, this is the best Black Friday deal for the Xbox Series X.

Xbox Series  X promo Black Friday

Rather interested in Xbox Series S? It’s on the side ofElectroDepot that you have to look at. The less powerful next-gen console is now at 219,98€. This is currently the best price excluding fundraising at certain supermarkets. It is better to act quickly, because the stocks are likely to leave quickly at this price. It must be said that now is the time to fall for one of the two models. Like the competition, Microsoft has announced that its gaming products are very likely to experience a price increase next year. The Xbox Series could therefore increase by around fifty euros like the PS5 in the near future.

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