Xbox Series : the new very special console, it is not for tomorrow

Xbox Series : the new very special console, it is not for tomorrow

During the Tech Live from the very serious Wall Street Journal we are already talking about here, Mr. Xbox alias Phil Spencer, who heads Microsoft’s gaming division, gave some information on the famous Streaming “console”, the Keystone project.

Xbox Keystone is not for now

Phil Spencer therefore took advantage of a giant podcast from the Wall Streel Journal to discuss the Xbox Keystone, the mysterious code name given to a console smaller than the S Series and dedicated entirely to streaming. We talk about it a little more precisely in this news.

The Xbox Keystone streaming device seems to be shelved for now.

“Keystone was something we were planning internally. In late spring we pivoted to work with Samsung. Will we do a streaming device at some point? I expect we will, but it’s is years away.”

According to Phil Spencer, if the project was indeed in preparation (with an existing prototype which is also visible in the background in the office of the strongman of Xbox), the Redmond firm indicates that it does not have plans to release any this for several years.

Currently Microsoft is anyway clearly turning to software rather than hardware. This is particularly visible via the preponderant place of the Game Pass and the gradual arrival of this type of service on mobile. Unless there is a good surprise, we should therefore not see a new console arriving for quite some time.

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