Xbox Series : it’s now or never to buy one

Xbox Series : it's now or never to buy one

All the lights are green at Microsoft, especially the video game part. Driven by the Xbox Game Pass which continues to appeal and the sales of its consoles, the American firm recorded one of its best quarters. However, next year should be a little more complicated. Phil Spencer, boss of Microsoft Gaming, indeed evokes a price increase of the Xbox Series X and potentially Xbox Game Pass soon.

Towards an increase in the prices of Xbox Series and Game Pass

After the PS5, it will be the turn of the Xbox Series to increase in price. Microsoft had repeatedly reaffirmed its intention to maintain its prices, but economic reality caught up with it. In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Phil Spencer indeed indicates that once the end of the year celebrations are over, the brand’s various gaming products should be subject to price increases.

We have maintained the price of our console and that of the games… and our subscription. I don’t think we can do this forever. I think at some point we will have to raise prices on some things I think at some point we will have to raise prices on some products but as the holiday season approaches , we thought it was important to maintain them.

In other words, Microsoft wants to maintain its competitive advantage during the biggest sales period of the year by having its Xbox Series cheaper than the PS5. Once passed, it will be necessary to expect a general increase in prices, not only for the consoles but also for the Xbox Game Pass, the prices of which have never changed one iota since its launch. These few statements should also create a sense of urgency with the approach of the holidays to encourage those interested in buying before prices soar. Note, however, that the boss of Xbox does not specify what exactly will be the products concerned, but some seem obvious.

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