Xbox Series : here is why the new console is not ready to be released

Xbox Series : here is why the new console is not ready to be released

In a new interview, Phil Spencer revealed why the Xbox Series Keystone wasn’t ready to come out. At the same time, he gave the price at which Microsoft would like to offer it.

A radically different new console is well in the works at Microsoft. However, this Xbox Keystone project has been delayed and here are the reasons why.

The Xbox Keystone must be at the right price

In the same interview where he clarified his intentions for the future of Call of Duty on PlayStation consoles, Phil Spencer answered questions about the Xbox Keystone. A console exclusively reserved for streaming, unlike the Series which are compatible with physical, digital and xCloud games.

In truth, if we still have no news, it’s because the price was not satisfactory. It was too expensive compared to what Microsoft wants and they preferred to redirect their efforts, temporarily, to the smart TV application.

Keystone. It cost more than we wanted when we built it with the materials we had. We decided to redirect the efforts of the team in charge of it in order to develop the streaming application for connected televisions.

For Keystone, this is always one of our concerns and we are watching when we can achieve the right price.

And what is the “right price”?

For that to make sense, it would have to be around $129 or $99.

$99 was the rumored price for this Xbox Keystone box and a controller.

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