Xbox Series : a price increase like the PS5? Microsoft responds!

Xbox Series : a price increase like the PS5? Microsoft responds!

After Sony raised the price of the PS5, gamers were curious to know what Microsoft was going to do about its Xbox Series. The Redmond firm remains on its position.

It was made official yesterday by Sony, the price of the PS5 will be higher in France and everywhere in the world, except in the United States. Since then, everyone has been waiting to see Microsoft’s reaction. Without too much surprise, the manufacturer rushes into the breach left by its competitor.

No price increase for Xbox Series X|S

Microsoft’s response to the PS5 price increase was quick, and it will please future buyers. The green team does not intend to sell its Xbox Series X|S more expensive, It is said ! Therefore, to speak in French prices, the XSX remains at 499€ against 550€ for the PS5 and the XSS, which is a less powerful machine only oriented towards dematerialized, at 299€. Some resellers practice a temporary promotion at 269€

“We are constantly evaluating our business to provide our fans with great gaming options. Our suggested retail price for the Xbox Series S remains at $299 (£249, €299) and that of the Xbox Series X at $499 (£449, €499) » said a Microsoft spokesperson.

By remaining in the same position as Nintendo, the company may be ensuring a return to sales. The PS5 is currently more popular, although due to the shortage (among other things), the gap is not as phenomenal as the previous generation. So Microsoft could really sell a few Xbox Series more to make up for it. Especially since the company still has the XSS card, a console that is easier to produce and therefore more available than the classic model.

Now, Nintendo’s official answer for its Switch is missing.

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