Xbox Series : a new exclusive on the way at a very big studio

Xbox Series : a new exclusive on the way at a very big studio

Good news for owners of Xbox Series and PC, a new exclusive is in development and it seems to be very heavy.

An exclusivity Xbox Series is on its way. This one is in the hands of ZeniMax Online Studios, behind the much-loved The Elder Scrolls Online. As reported via Twitterthe information comes from a podcast bearing the name of Product Builders.

A big team for this excluded Xbox Series

Speaking on the podcast in question, creative director Ben Jones talked about some of the work around this new IP, including how he’s been working on it for four and a half years on it. Because yes, the game has been in development for several years now. Jones explains that the design team he leads consists of around 50 people, while the total team consists of 200 developers. For the record a big game like The Witcher 3 had at the time a team of 250 people. So here we are on a big studio even if there are obviously always bigger ones. Jones also clarifies that this team is spread all over the world and that gambling is a considerable investment and a very large project.

Alas, difficult to know more about this PC game /Xbox Series. The only clue we can have is that the studio is mainly responsible for an MMO. We can therefore without getting too wet imagine that this is also the case for this mysterious large-scale project.

Finally the creative director states that the story changed several times during the development of the game:

You could create great art, but if there isn’t a good story to connect with that art, it will fail, and vice versa

What to expect ? We open the bets.

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