Xbox Series : a big surprise soon? Microsoft is teasing

For some time now, rumors about the arrival of a new Xbox event have been swelling visibly on the web. And if for the moment nothing official has been announced, the noose is tightening and Microsoft itself would be teasing.

As we reported to you recently, rumors from the hallway suggest that Microsoft is preparing a conference for the start of 2023. With large cartridges planned for this year, such as Starfield, whose first returns are huge, Redfall or even the next Forza Horizon 5 DLC that everyone is waiting for, Microsoft has it in hand. The green firm could therefore take full advantage of this beginning of the year to reveal its projects to us, in particular by giving us the release dates of its big games or by surprising us with new announcements. But for now, we only have clues and still nothing concrete.

Microsoft is teasing?

Yesterday, it was Microsoft itself which revived the rumors by playing a little with its fans. While the InXile studio (Wasteland 3) is having fun teasing the arrival of a video related to a science-fiction project of which we know nothing (some are even talking about a reference to Starfield), Microsoft responded with a curious little emoji. It did not take less to set fire to the powder and revive the hope of seeing a new Xbox Direct arrive for this beginning of the year, although we do not really know what it is about. InXile also has fun commenting on his publication, including a short message “Todd calling Phil: ‘please stop them'”, as if he were spoiling an announcement concerning Starfield.

A new bundle Xbox Series sow doubt

Then, it is the announcement of a whole new bundle Xbox Series which sowed doubt. Recently, a new pack was announced, including a Xbox Series, as well as Forza Horizon 5 and all its DLCs, including the expansion currently in development. The catch is that there isn’t a specific release date for the bundle yet, but Microsoft is suggesting “this month” availability instead. Fans therefore quickly made the connection, saying to themselves that this brand new pack could well be the subject of a proper presentation during an upcoming Xbox Direct, in addition to the DLC of Forza Horizon 5.

Xbox Series : a big surprise soon? Microsoft is teasing

The hype, but not too much

At the same time, Jez Corden from Windows Central, added his stone to the building. Responding to a fan who wondered if Microsoft was really going to let the next few months pass without showing anything, Corden replied that we shouldn’t have to wait long for news. He tempers all the same by affirming that one should not expect a show as important as that of E3, but rather a Xbox Direct a little smaller.

You shouldn’t wait too long, but maybe showcase is a strong word. Direct maybe? I’m not sure how big yet, but don’t expect a huge show at E3

An Xbox Direct coming soon?

For the moment therefore, we have no official announcement to put in our mouths but the clues are multiplying and the noose is tightening little by little. If we do not yet know what could happen, on our side, we think that Microsoft would have every interest in presenting its next titles at the start of the year.
Rumors surrounding the release date of Starfield swell and are already talking about a release during the first half of the year, red fall is also the subject of rumors suggesting a release around May, and many other games are expected such as Hellblade 2, Forza Motorsport or even Stalker 2, which we were able to review recently.

And what do you expect from Microsoft and its Xbox Series ?

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