Xbox Series : a big price increase! Soon also in France?

Xbox Series : a big price increase! Soon also in France?

The price of the Xbox Series S has just increased significantly again in a new market. Should we fear a rise in prices here too?

Two years after the shortage, next-gen consoles are easier to find than ever. The PS5 is now available in stores and those looking to get it are now in luck. Same story on the side of the Xbox Series, already regularly available from retailers. However, the situation created by the pandemic has had an impact on the price of the PS5, which has undergone an increase of 50 euros. And if it was soon the turn of his rival? The Xbox Series S has just suffered a price hike in India. Soon France?

The Xbox Series S is getting more expensive in India

A real commercial success for this new generation, the Xbox Series S allows gamers around the world to get a next-gen console without breaking the bank. Well, not for everyone. In India, the worst-performing model has just suffered a second substantial price increase. It will now cost INR 39,990, or around 460 euros. This new price increase comes only six months after the previous one. A surprising figure, to say the least, since the Xbox Series is often available from us for less than 299.99 euros. Should we therefore fear an increase in prices here?

Yes and no. Microsoft did indicate last year that some of its gaming products would suffer from inflation, without specifying which ones. Since then, the Redmond firm has confirmed that the games Xbox Series were going to cost the trifle of 80 euros in France. Nothing has been confirmed for consoles. It is therefore appropriate to postpone this price increase of the Xbox Series S in India in context.

The market is one of the worst performers for builders. To compensate for this low interest in the territory, the American brand would increase the price of its consoles in order to reduce currency conversion rates and import/export costs at the same time. Nothing excludes, however, that the Xbox Series X and its little sister are suffering a price hike in the West as was the case for the PS5.

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