Xbox: October update available. Here’s what’s new

Microsoft further improves the experience of its consoles Xbox Series X|S and One with a major update. We tell you all about the changes it brings.

It’s time for the October update on Xbox consoles. And if there is no real “revolution”, some comfort options should be welcomed.

Better sound control over Xbox Series X|S

The Xbox Series X|S are now fully compatible with HDMI CEC functionality. The notable change is that you can change the TV volume from “Audio and Music” in the Xbox Guide. Convenient because you can therefore control everything from the controller, without having to turn the sofa or the living room all over the place to find a possible lost remote control.

Microsoft also took into consideration the feedback from players who weren’t really a fan of the console’s startup sounds. Everything is fully disabled from now on.

Head to Profile & System > Settings > General > Volume & audio output > Additional options, then select Disable startup sounds. You can also choose the Power Chime mode from this page.

New features in the management of consoles and their power supply

There’s also something new in how the account can be shared with family and friends so they can access purchased games and content. An Xbox console can be switched to primary, like this,

By setting your Xbox as your primary console, your friends and family can access your games and content, even when you’re offline. This also allows you to enjoy your games in digital version when you are not online. We’ve added new setup screens to make this step and changing your primary console easier when setting up your new Xbox.

Power modes, which allow you to choose how the console shuts down, have been renamed to “Standby” and “Complete shutdown” (power saving).

Xbox sharing account

Other new features of the Xbox update

In other novelties, there is a change in the names of the passwords. They become Xbox PIN and Guest PIN. They are particularly essential for setting parental controls and access to purchases.

Xbox wireless controllers Elite Series 2, Series X|S, Adaptive, and Bluetooth-enabled One are updating to fix bugs, optimize compatibility and capabilities.

At the level of the iOS and Android mobile application, the duration of the video clips of your games to highlight a very short extract for social networks for example or a more personal use. Finally, the Game Bar available on PC – by pressing the Windows key + G -, Windows 10 like 11, is expanded with the possibility of importing a video clip on The transfer made will then make it possible to modify, send and share the favorite moments.

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