Xbox Game Pass: you can also play games on VR

Xbox Game Pass: you can also play games on VR

Meta’s Connect keynote was an opportunity for the company (Facebook for veterans) to unveil their plans for the future, including a partnership with Xbox on the Game Pass. Because yes, Microsoft wants its service to be available everywhere. Kind of like Bethesda with Skyrim.

Microsoft offers you the Xbox Game Pass on Meta

This is how Satya Nadella the general manager of Microsoft came in person to announce that thee Game Pass was going to be integrated into the Meta Quest headsets, more specifically the cloud gaming part. So after integrating our smartphones, our tablets, our PCs, our consoles and our connected TVs the Game Pass will be offered directly in the Meta Quest Store. Obviously, this information must be measured because it absolutely does not mean that Xbox Game Pass games will suddenly turn into VR. It will above all be a question of being able to play it via the cinema mode of the helmet.

In addition, not all XGP games are compatible with cloud gaming and you must have an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription anyway for 12.99 euros per month. Good news that still has its limits.

XCloud Gaming box lets you stream hundreds of high-quality games to a range of devices, and this will include Meta Quest 2 in the future

For now neither Microsoft nor Meta have announced a release date for all of this.

That pThink about adding the service from Microsoft to Meta helmets?

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