Xbox Game Pass: the new ultra advantageous subscription confirmed, here is its price

In the space of just a few years, the Xbox Game Pass has established itself as one of the best good plans in video games. Between titles available at their release, very big games added regularly and all on several devices. Difficult to do better and yet! Microsoft is launching an even more interesting offer: the “Friends & Family” formula. Here is everything we know about it, that is to say its price, its advantages and its restrictions.

The official Xbox Game Pass Friends and Family at a very low price

The Xbox Game Pass for less than 5€ per month does that interest you? This will soon be possible with the new “Friends & Family” offer. The rumor had made a lot of noise at the time, just like the first phases of test. Now it’s official, it’s coming but not yet in France. Currently available from some lucky people in Ireland, the formula gives us some new details. We know that it will cost in Europe exactly €21.99 for sharing with 4 other people, friends and family.

No household restrictions like at Netflix or Spotify, but it will be imperative that all users reside in the same country. ” If a member of the group changes their country of residence and is no longer part of that of the primary account holder, they will be removed from the group “says the Redmond firm. The new Xbox Game Pass is certainly ultra advantageous but it is not without some conditions. For example, it will be forbidden to invite more than eight people to join your account during the year and it will be impossible to be part of more than two groups at the same time as a guest.

Xbox Game Pass Friends and Family

And that’s all. For the rest it’s open bar with all the advantages of the subscription. Everyone will enjoy their games, rewards and other privileges with their own account. No arrival date of the formula has been revealed. Microsoft has simply confirmed that it is testing its offer in Ireland and Colombia with “ other countries and regions that may be added in the coming months “.

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