Xbox Game Pass: the latest games for September, including an old one excluded from PS5

The latest September 2022 Xbox Game Pass games have just been announced and there’s a really big release in there, formerly a PS5 exclusive.

The announcements around the Xbox Game Pass are linked. In addition to a new, cheaper subscription, Microsoft has already rolled out a new wave of games to its catalog, including a much-loved Assassin’s Creed, and Japanese titles in honor of TGS 2022. Today, the American publisher unveils the final batch for the month of September 2022.

The latest Xbox Game Pass games for September 2022

Xbox Game Pass September 2022

We had to wait a little bit before discovering the latest arrivals in the Xbox Game Pass of September 2022. Headlining, Deathloop now available on the manufacturer’s consoles, Grounded which is coming out of early access and some independent titles.

Deathloop – Available (Cloud, PC & Xbox Series X|S)

The PS5 exclusivity ended, Deathloop arrives day one on Xbox Series. In this new license from Arkane Studio, two rival assassins are trapped in a time loop condemned to stay on the island of Blackreef to relive the same day forever. Players take on the role of Colt, who will have to assassinate eight key targets before the day begins again in an attempt to escape and end the cycle.

Hardspace: Shipbreaker – Available (Cloud & Xbox Series X|S)

Previously reserved for Game Pass PC subscribers, the sci-fi simulation game is coming to Xbox Series and Cloud Gaming. Armed with your laser saw, cut through shipwrecks to recover valuable materials. To improve your daily life as a galactic scrapper, improve your equipment or tackle more lucrative contracts to achieve your goals.

SpiderHeck – September 22 (Console & PC)

Like many of the September 2022 Xbox Game Pass arrivals, SpiderHeck is available upon release. The indie title presents itself as a frantic brawler in local co-op battles with laser swords, grenades and even rocket launchers. Chaos assured.

Beacon Pines – September 22 (Cloud, Console & PC)

Another day one release on the Xbox Game Pass. Cute and spooky indie narrative adventure. “Sneak out at night, make new friends, uncover well-hidden secrets and collect words that will change the course of fate. The originality: you play both the reader of the book and its main character, Luka.

Slime Rancher 2 (Early Access) – September 22 (Cloud, PC & Xbox Series X|S)

Available as soon as it is released in the catalog, Slime Rancher launches in early access on PC and Xbox Series. The game features Beatrix LeBeau crossing the Sea of ​​Slimes to reach Rainbow Island, a place full of ancient mysteries and new slimes to catch.

Moonscars – September 27 (Cloud, Console & PC)

Oh hey, another day one release on the Xbox Game Pass. In this metroidvania, you play as Irma the gray who fights alone against everyone to try to find the Sculptor and solve the mystery of her own existence. Each death is a lesson and each obstacle overcome a step towards a new truth.

Grounded – Version 1.0 – September 27 (Cloud, Console & PC)

Available since July 28, 2020 in early access, version 1.0 Grounded is finally here. The Honey, I Shrunk the Kids-inspired game lets you work together with up to three of your friends to explore a huge garden. The goal: find a way to get back to your normal size.

Let’s Build A Zoo – September 29 (Cloud, Console & PC)

A little sweetness from this September 2022 Xbox Game Pass selection. Its name is quite evocative, you have to build and decorate your own zoo. It’s up to you to manage the daily life of your employees, but also of the animals and manipulate their DNA to obtain up to 300,000 different resident crosses.

Valheim (Early Access) – September 29 (PC)

It was the phenomenon of 2021, and it’s coming to Xbox Game Pass. Valheim is a multiplayer game of survival and exploration playable up to 10 players. Fight, build and accomplish feats, for the glory of Odin.

The PAW Patrol Grand Prix – September 30 (Cloud, Console & PC)

We end with the release for the youngest audience. The Paw Patrol Grand Prix will be available day one. The youngest’s favorite dog embarks on a mission to win the Pat’ Coupe. The opportunity for players to discover emblematic places of the series such as the Great Valley, Jake’s snowboard center and the jungle.

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