Xbox Game Pass: the GOTY of 2022 and a cult game soon to be added?

Xbox Game Pass: the GOTY of 2022 and a cult game soon to be added?

With Microsoft, we are never at the end of our surprises. The publisher is obviously preparing very big announcements for Gamescom 2022 and that would happen on the Xbox Game Pass side. Two really big games are coming soon, including one of this year’s GOTYs. In any case, that’s what the players think, but it wouldn’t be entirely true.

Elden Ring and GTA 5 to Xbox Game Pass?

In recent years, the Xbox Game Pass has established itself as one of the best good video game plans. For 9.99 euros per month, PC and Xbox players can access a game catalog that continues to grow with real nuggets. The American publisher hit hard during the Summer Game Fest by announcing the arrival of Persona 5 Royal in its service and it does not intend to stop there.

Several users have indeed noticed that the Xbox Store pages of GTA 5, Elden Ring, Soul Hackers 2 and Cyberpunk 2077 now featured the Xbox Game Pass logo. The Web was quickly carried away, thinking that these titles would soon be added to the catalog. It is a possibility, of course, but it would seem that the answer lies elsewhere. The pages in question also mention compatibility with Xbox Cloud Gaming, and that’s where all the subtlety lies.

Microsoft had announced that later this year Game Pass Ultimate members will be able to play select games they own that aren’t in GP directly in the cloud. It would therefore seem that Elden Ring and GTA 5 are among the games selected for this program. An arrival on the Xbox Game Pass in the future is obviously not to be excluded, but in the immediate term it means more that these big titles can be played from any device.

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