Xbox Game Pass: the games of September 2022, including one completely crazy!

Xbox Game Pass: the games of September 2022, including one completely crazy!

Microsoft has just confirmed the Xbox Game Pass games for September 2022. There are going to be some disappointments, but there are some great releases including a totally crazy title in the mix.

Calendar requires, it will have been necessary to wait a little bit before discovering the new arrivals of the Xbox Game Pass of September 2022. And as predicted by the leaksthe first wave may cause some disappointment despite the batch of day one releases available on the service.

New Xbox Game Pass games for September 2022

The month is off to a good start. Between the free PS Plus games and the additions of Premium and Extra offers, or even Amazon Prime, players are already spoiled. All that was missing was the Xbox Game Pass September 2022 list. Microsoft is ending the suspense and unveiling the new games for the first half of the month. Between Disney’s Animal Crossing, a very nervous musical FPS and above all a completely crazy game where you have to park, there will still be plenty to do. We remind you if necessary that other titles will then be added during the second half of the month. With the editor we are also never safe from a little surprise addition, including perhaps Assassin’s Creed Odyssey.

Disney Dreamlight Valley – September 6 (Cloud, Console & PC)

We could also call it when Animal Crossing packs its bags at Disneyland. In this life simulator, explore and complete several quests and other activities in the company of Disney and Pixar heroes. All lived in harmony in Dreamlight Valley until Oblivion occurred. Nocturnal Thorns have indeed grown all over the land, depriving it of all its magic.

Train Sim World 3 – September 6 (Console & PC)

Realistic simulation game allowing you to explore three routes rich in detail. Learn to control nine locomotives with an all-new training center. Also on the program is a new volumetric sky to change the atmosphere of journeys, lightning, storms, wind and everything you need for total immersion.

Opus Magnum – September 6 (PC)

Latest open puzzle game from Zachtronics, the creators of SHENZHEN I/O. It’s up to you to master the complexity of the transmutation engine, the most sophisticated tool in alchemical engineering. The objective, to create precious gems, deadly weapons, remedies and much more.

Ashes of the Singularity: Escalation – September 13 (PC)

Large-scale, real-time strategy game. In this new addition to Xbox Game Pass, you command entire armies on a dynamic battlefield as you attempt to conquer multiple worlds. Single player and multiplayer campaigns are available.

DC League of Super-Pets: The Adventures of Krypto & Ace – September 13 (Cloud, Console & PC)

Soar through the streets of Metropolis as the super-dogs Krypto and Ace and protect her from the evil plans of Lex Luthor. A movie-inspired animal rescue adventure sure to delight youngsters.

You Suck at Parking – September 14 (Cloud, Console & PC)

Another day one release for the Xbox Game Pass. Completely crazy game where you have to perform the most extreme slots in the world. It’s up to you to get to the parking spaces as quickly as possible and unlock new cars and customization options for your cars. You can also compete against your friends in the multiplayer mode.

Despot’s Game – September 15 (Console & PC)

Also available from its release on the Xbox Game Pass, Despot’s Game is a tactical rogue-like where you must send an army to fight for you in procedural dungeons.

Metal: Hellsinger – September 15 (PC & Xbox Series X|S)

We’re ending the first wave of September 2022 Xbox Game Pass games with new day one availability. Metal Hellsinger is a beat-based FPS. The more your shots are synchronized with the music, the more intense it becomes and the more powerful you will be and destroy everything in your path. Go through eight hells and atomize all the demons you come across.

Xbox Game Pass September 2022 releases

We know the routine now, all these new features of the September 2022 Xbox Game Pass are also accompanied by a few releases. As revealed by a leak, the service will lose A Plague Tale Innocence a month before the release of the sequel, which will be available day one in the catalog. So you have until September 15 to try all 11 next games. Remember that you can take advantage of a 20% reduction on each of them if you want to keep them.

  • A Plague Tale: Innocence (Cloud, Console & PC)
  • Aragami 2 (Cloud, Console & PC)
  • Bug Fables: The Everlasting Sapling (Cloud, Console & PC)
  • Craftopia (Cloud, Console & PC)
  • Final Fantasy XIII (Console & PC)
  • Flynn: Son of Crimson (Cloud, Console & PC)
  • I Am Fish (Cloud, Console & PC)
  • Lost Words: Beyond the Page (Cloud, Console & PC)
  • Mighty Goose (Cloud, Console & PC)
  • SkateBird (Cloud, Console & PC)
  • The Artful Escape (Cloud, Console & PC)

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