Xbox Game Pass: surprise, a PlayStation exclusive is coming very soon

Xbox Game Pass: surprise, a PlayStation exclusive is coming very soon

As announced by Tom Henderson a few hours ago, Microsoft has formalized the addition of a beloved and hated game, Death Stranding Director’s Cut, in the Xbox Game Pass PC.

Death Stranding on Xbox Game Pass PC

No more teasing! Death Stranding Director’s Cut is part of the Xbox Game Pass PC software for the month of August 2022, and will arrive on the 23rd more exactly. In this special subscription, different from that of Xbox consoles, we also note the arrival of six legendary games at the last minute.

A PlayStation game on the competitor’s service, bizarre and incredible? No. On PC, the title is published by 505 Games, so it is quite possible that the negotiations took place directly between the publisher and Microsoft. The IP nevertheless belongs to Sony Interactive Entertainment, which may receive a little something. Or not.

In Death Stranding, the player is invited to rebuild a country in perdition. A singular work that has been more impactful for some after what the world has experienced with the Covid-19 pandemic. For the rest, we leave you the pleasure or the displeasure of the discovery.

In the future, a mysterious event known as Death Stranding has opened a doorway between the dead and the living, leading to the spread of grotesque creatures from the afterlife into a fallen world scarred by a devastated society. Sam Bridges is on a mission to bring hope to humanity by reconnecting all the survivors of a decimated America. Can you reunite this torn world?

A full version

Death Stranding Director’s Cut features story missions not present in the original version. As well as dispensable novelties for a first run, which aim to facilitate your journey, or additional activities such as a shooting range and a race track. The Game Pass version is identical to the PC version and therefore benefits from features such as support for ultra-wide screens, the possibility of exceeding 60fps, etc.

With this, Xbox Game Pass PC subscribers will therefore be up to date for Death Stranding 2.

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