Xbox Game Pass: here’s how much developers earn by offering their games

Xbox Game Pass: here's how much developers earn by offering their games

How much do developers earn by offering their games on Xbox Game Pass? An indie developer whose game was added this month has revealed how much it has earned.

Every month, Microsoft fills its Xbox Game Pass catalog with a slew of new games. Day one releases, independent titles, big productions, the Redmond company does not hesitate to put in the wallet to furnish its service with surprising games. But how much does adding a game to XGP bring in? An independent developer spilled the beans.

Microsoft drops big bucks for Xbox Game Pass

New spearhead, the Xbox Game Pass has become one of the best tips in video games. Between the availability of games on the day of their release, including exclusives, or nuggets from the independent world, there is something for everyone at a lower cost. However, to be as competitive Microsoft must take out the checkbook to be able to integrate legendary games from Bethesda or even a PlayStation license. In the middle of big productions, some more confidential titles are in the game. And even for them, Microsoft is ready to put a lot of money.

This is for example the case of Cooking Simulator which joined the Xbox Game Pass in August 2022. The site TwistedVoxel, revealed that internal documents from the Polish developer mentioned the amount advanced by Microsoft for the game to join the catalog. This represents 22% of the company’s total revenue for the previous fiscal year, or approximately $600,000. A rather exorbitant sum for a fairly small title which also dates from 2019. We can easily imagine that this figure increases according to the popularity and the scale of the game, and titles like Death Stranding or Immortal Fenix ​​Rising must largely exceed a seven-figure amount. One thing is certain, Microsoft is betting big on the Game Pass and is even preparing a family subscription to extend its reach.

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