Xbox Game Pass: here are the first confirmed games of October, it’s heavy

Xbox Game Pass: here are the first confirmed games of October, it's heavy

October brings with it another round of games on Xbox Game Pass. If Microsoft has still not officially communicated on the first titles that will fill the catalog in the coming weeks, we already know some additions from October 2022. And there is one of the big releases of the month in the lot.

Games confirmed for Xbox Game Pass October 2022

The Xbox Game Pass will once again live up to subscriber expectations. While we do not yet know the official list of games that will arrive during the first half of the month, we already know that ten titles will be present. Customary of the practice, the service will indeed host several games in day one, including three particularly anticipated. As usual, there will clearly be something for everyone. Between one of the best RPGs of this decade, a sequel to a hit narrative game, and a perfect Halloween exclusive, October 2022 should be a great month for Xbox Game Pass.

  • Medieval Dynasty – October 6 (consoles)
  • Coral Island – October 11 (consoles, PC)
  • Eville – October 11 (consoles)
  • Dyson Sphere Program – October 13 (PC)
  • Scorn – October 14 (consoles, PC)
  • A Plague Tale: Requiem – October 18 (consoles, PC, Cloud)
  • Norco – October 20 (consoles)
  • Persona 5 Royal – October 21 (consoles, PC)
  • Signalis – October 27 (consoles)
  • Gunfire Reborn – October 27, 2022 (consoles)

We remind you that this only represents a part of the games that will be available on the Xbox Game Pass throughout the month of October. It will nevertheless be necessary to wait a little longer before knowing the titles already released which will be added to the whole. With ScornA Plague Tale Requiem or even Persona 5 Royal, players will already be well spoiled.

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