Xbox Game Pass: an even cheaper subscription, but on one condition?

What if the Xbox Game Pass became even cheaper? This is a solution that Microsoft is looking into, but it would not be without concessions. ..

The Xbox Game Pass has established itself in the space of a few years as one of the best good plans in video games. A status that is likely to strengthen as Microsoft will increase the price of its in-house productions from 2023 and a more advantageous family subscription is on the way. This is obviously not the only new formula that is in the boxes.

Towards a cheaper Xbox Game Pass?

Xbox Game Pass could continue to take inspiration from Netflix, but not for the right reasons. Microsoft recently took the shared subscription concept from the video streaming giant in its own way, hearing it out to family and friends. The formula is currently only available in a handful of handpicked countries and should arrive sometime next year in France. However, Microsoft is said to have a new, cheaper subscription in the works. This is what suggests a survey that circulated on the Web this weekend.

The Redmond company is indeed considering adding an Xbox Game Pass subscription at a low price, but with advertisements in return. More concretely, the formula currently under study would cost less than the 9.99 euros currently requested for the standard offer, but the players would be subject to some limitations in terms of content, and commercial offers that could appear during the sessions of game or application menus. One of the options considered for this cheaper Xbox Game Pass would be to limit access to Xbox exclusives, with a delay that could climb up to 6 months for example.

Xbox Game Pass cheaper subscription

It remains to be seen whether Microsoft will launch such a subscription or not. In any case, the American giant wants to reboost the Xbox Game Pass, whose subscriber base has slowed down on console despite conclusive figures on PC.

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