Xbox Game Pass: a long-awaited new license available as soon as it is released?

Xbox Game Pass: a long-awaited new license available as soon as it is released?

Regularly, Microsoft makes masterstrokes by offering licenses, new as well installed, as soon as they are released on the Xbox Game Pass. The competitor of WWE 2K22 will he be part of it? Faced with rumors, the developers of AEW: Fight Forever respond.

A big day one wrestling game on the Xbox Game Pass?

For a few days now, a rumor has been circulating around AEW: Fight Forever and its potential arrival on the Xbox Game Pass as soon as it is released. Corridor noises emanating from the specialized site WrestleZoneciting highly reliable sources who claimed THQ Nordic’s new wrestling license would be coming to the subscription service. day one. As the hype rose among fans of the discipline, the developers preferred to cut the rumors short. No AEW: Fight Forever will only be available on Xbox Game Pass at launch.

It seems like a good time to announce that we have no plans to integrate AEW: Fight Forever into any monthly subscription service. The game will be available at your favorite retailer, in store and online. “, tweeted the official account of the game this Tuesday, November 8, in the evening.

News next week

Too bad, because it would probably have been the occasion for the new wrestling license on the All Federation Elite Wrestling to enjoy a huge gain in visibility. The developers still give an appointment to the most curious from November 19, when they will give news. However, we should not expect an announcement around the Xbox Game Pass.

If you missed his announcement, we remind you that AEW: Fight Forever intends to combine the old-school feeling of arcade wrestling productions with the innovative tandem attacks that have made the reputation of the All Elite Wrestling. Developed by YUKE’s Co, the title will feature big names in the ring in solo or tag team matches with up to 4 players. A new WWE 2K competitor who will have definitely made a lot of noise. Maybe the hype surrounding the Xbox Game Pass rumors will change the minds of developers.

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