Xbox Game Pass: 6 legendary games available but not for all

Xbox Game Pass: 6 legendary games available but not for all

A month of August 2022 full of surprises for the Xbox Game Pass? Aside from the rumored Death Stranding, 6 great Bethesda classics have been added to the service.

Xbox Game Pass and PS Plus subscribers are sure to be pampered this August. Because after the few nuggets offered by Microsoft, others have arrived. Do you like FPS?

Trusted Bethesda Values ​​in Xbox Game Pass PC

It is therefore six games of the editor Bethesda that swell the Xbox Game Pass PC catalog. And only this one.

We thus have two legends of the FPS with Wolfenstein 3D and Back to Castle Wolfenstein for a resolutely solo experience, then Quake 4 and Quake Champions. In Wolfenstein, you play as William J. Blazkowicz, a badass who is there to kill Nazis by the dozen. A series that, like Doom, has survived the ages and has been brilliantly relaunched by Bethesda. Do not hesitate to try the most recent opuses, less “off-putting”, because they are really worth the detour.

Despite Quake 4’s solo, this opus like Quake Champions are rather famous for their ultra nervous multiplayer. Much more responsive and airy gameplay than Wolfenstein. Rocket-jumping (throwing a rocket towards the ground while jumping) and Strafe-jumping (moving laterally while jumping) are techniques used which give all its pep’s to the franchise. If you are an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscriber, you will have all Quake Champions perks unlocked.

And the last two? You can discover or rediscover An ES Legend: Battlespire and TES Adventures: Redguard. Two games from the Elder Scrolls license while waiting for the next exclusive episode Xbox Series and pc.

A nice selection for lovers of old productions (yes, except Quake Champions of course). And at least you won’t have to empty your account to buy a racing beast capable of running them.

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