Xbox Elite Series 2 Core: a cheaper but more limited pro controller

After the new PS5 DualSense Edge controller, Microsoft presents a version of its pro controller: the Xbox Elite Series 2 Core. And it does not target the same audience as its big sister.

A price drop with the Xbox controller Elite Series 2 Core

White with a touch of black here and there, the Xbox controller Elite Series 2 Core goes to the essentials but remains a top-of-the-range model. It has adjustable tension sticks, adjustable stroke triggers and a special grip missing from the controller Xbox Series normal. “We have therefore developed a premium controller offering an unprecedented capacity for customization, allowing you to play with your own configuration” says Microsoft on the blog XboxWire.

This Xbox Elite Series 2 Core will be sold for €129.99, a €50 discount compared to the Xbox Elite Series 2 black. But to achieve this more competitive and accessible price, the Redmond firm has removed all standard accessories. No more interchangeable paddles, joysticks and D-Pads, charging station or carrying case. There is only the controller with its USB-C cable and the small tool to make your settings. Below is the picture explanation of what you lose between the Xbox Elite Series 2 Core and the Xbox Elite Series 2.

Comparison Xbox Elite Series 2 Core and Xbox Elite Series 2
Differences between the two models of Xbox controllers Elite Series 2

Accessories can be purchased separately at the price of 59,99€. Acquiring the Core Edition controller and accessories separately is therefore more expensive than the Xbox model. Elite Series 2 premium black. On the other hand, this pack can be interesting to change parts without entirely buying a controller.

Xbox Design Lab compatibility

Notice to collectors, the Xbox controller Elite Series 2 will be added to the Xbox Design Lab. The online store to personalize your device from A to Z with different colors, patterns and the possibility of registering your nickname for example.

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