Xbox Conference: StarfieldKojima, Redfall, Diablo 4, the recap of all the announcements

After buying studios and announcing Xbox exclusives with a vengeance, Microsoft was particularly expected at the turn of this Summer Game Fest 2022. And the brand did not disappoint with a show at a particularly frantic pace. On the program, gameplay, new games, gameplay, Japanese partnerships and more gameplay. Here’s the big recap from the Xbox and Bethesda conference.

StarfieldRedfall, Diablo 4, lots of gameplay for big licenses

Starfield  xbox conference

No time to fool around, Microsoft got straight to the heart of the matter. No artificial hype on games that will take years to come The Xbox conference focused only on titles that will be released in the next 12 months. In opening, the Redmond firm started with Redfall, the exclusive Bethesda. An open world FPS where you have to knock out vampires clearly in the vein of Left 4 Dead in the open world developed by Arkane Austin. The title presented its varied cast, its strategic fights which are intended to be nervous and a glimpse of its universe.

No surprise for Forza Motorsport, its presence had more less leaked upstream of the Xbox & Bethesda Showcase. A title which aspires to be the most technically advanced racing game ever created “. And to prove it, the publisher unveiled a first trailer captured in real time captured on Xbox Series X as well as early gameplay snippets. No suspense either Overwatch 2. The FPS will go free-to-play from October 4th. An announcement which is accompanied by a particularly successful trailer and the announcement of a new expected hero. Activision, however, had a little surprise in its bag: Diablo 4. The game, expected for 2023, unveiled the necromancer with a particularly successful trailer. And as with other games, gameplay galore that presents the content that awaits players.

To conclude in apotheosis, Todd Howard took out his most beautiful jacket (no) to present Starfield like it should be. It is indeed a Skyrim in space, but clearly more advanced. Improved graphics, more customization, space travel, creation of ships, the new Bethesda license promises gargantuan content with even 1000 planets.

A handful of new ones announced at the Xbox conference

Minecraft  legends xbox conference

The Xbox conference still had some surprises in store with the announcement of new games. We will especially remember Minecraft Legends, a brand new action game developed in partnership with Blackbird Interactive. Expected for 2023, it will transport fans of the license to the world of Minecraft with action-RPG sauce. Still at Microsoft’s in-house studios, Obsidian announced Penance a title set in the 16th century. Players will take on the role of a traveling entertainer during a time of great social unrest. Andreas Maler will find himself unwillingly involved in a series of murders spanning 25 years. An investigation game to discover next November on PC and Xbox consoles.

Completely crazy FPS from the creator of Rick & Morty, High On Life was one of the nice little surprises of the conference. The pitch is simple: you have just left high school, you have no ambition and no job. At least until an alien cartel that wants to use humanity as a drug invades Earth. You will then have to team up with talking weapons to become the deadliest intergalactic bounty hunter there is. Change of root tone to Ravenlock, the action game from Cococucumber studio. Reinterpretation of fairy tales, the title follows the destiny of a young girl who finds herself thrown into a world plunged into darkness, cursed by the corruption of Queen Caterpillar. A small curiosity to watch very closely.

And that’s not all. Strategy game enthusiasts can get their teeth into Ara: History Untolda historical turn-based game designed by Oxide Games published by Xbox Game Studios Publishing. A serious competitor to Civilization and Humankind? We will obviously find out soon enough. Team Ninja, the creators of Nioh, have unveiled their next game: Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. An action-oriented title set in a universe strongly inspired by Chinese mythology which will be available in early 2023 on Xbox consoles and PC.

A Plague Tale 2, Hollow Knight, Game Pass games at Xbox conference

A Plague Tale Requiem conf xbox

Games from third-party publishers also provided the show yesterday. Impossible not to start by evoking A Plague Tale Requiem, which showed itself with spectacular gameplay sequences. The French game unfortunately still does not have a precise release date, but Xbox Game Pass holders will be able to find Amicia and Hugo day one when it launches. The surprise was spoiled a few hours before the Xbox conference, but Hollow Knight Silksong returned more promising than ever with a gameplay trailer. The opportunity to confirm the availability of the game on the XGP as soon as it is released.

The Wildcard studio has come to show Ark 2 in a trailer that highlights the game’s story. The title will follow the adventures of a father (Vin Diesel) and his daughter Meeka, played by Auli’i Cravalho, who will have to face the various reasons and who will have to build a civilization using dinosaurs. Scorn also came to represent his tortured universe and announce his new release date, now set for October 21 on PC and Xbox Series.

Game Service Updates Announced at Xbox Conference

New content has also been announced for Fallout 76, which will take players beyond Appalachia in September to The Pitt, the rusting ruins of Pittsburgh. The DLC Forza Horizon 5: Hot Wheels will be available on July 19 on Xbox consoles, on PC via Windows or Steamwhile Microsoft Flight Simulator announced an exclusive partnership with Halo Infinity. A very detailed version of the Pelican is available now in the game, and for free. Captain Status will also arrive with Season 7 of Sea of ​​Thieves, while Grounded will enter the big leagues by leaving early access in September.

Kojima, Persona, League of Legends, big partnerships for Xbox

The Xbox conference was also an opportunity for the brand to announce very large partnerships. Hideo Kojima and Microsoft have announced their collaboration around a game that will harness the full power of the Cloud. Is it about Overdose? It’s still a mystery at this point.

To strengthen its position in the Japanese sector, the Redmond company can count on the support of ATLUS. The publisher will FINALLY bring Persona 5 Royal to Xbox consoles, PC and via Xbox Game Pass in the coming months. It will then be followed by two other iconic games of the license: Persona 4 Golden and Persona 3 Portable.

Riot also scored the hit. The biggest games from the American publisher will soon arrive in the Game Pass. This necessarily includes League of Legends and all its League of Legends derivatives: Wild Rift (Mobile), Legends of Runeterra (PC & Mobile), Teamfight Tactics (PC & Mobile) as well as the new Riot license: Valorant (PC). Players will receive different bonuses for each of the games.

The list of all Xbox conference games

Hollow Knight Silksong

Redfall gameplay conference Xbox

Forza Motorsport trailer

Forza Motorsport gameplay conference Xbox

A Plague Tale Requiem gameplay conference Xbox

Overwatch 2

Forza Horizon 5: Hot Wheels


Diablo 4 trailer

Diablo 4 gameplay conference Xbox

Sea of ​​Thieves season 7

Minecraft Legends

High on Life


Naraka Bladepoint

Ara: History Untold


Wo Long: Fallen Destiny


Fallout 76 – Expeditions: The Pitt

Microsoft Flight Simulator x Halo Infinity

Hideo Kojima Partnership

Personas on Xbox

Riot Games (League of Legends, Valorant, Teamfight Tactics)


The Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle

The Last Case of Benedict Fox

As Dusk Falls gameplay conference Xbox

Lightyear frontier



Gunfire Reborn

Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn gameplay conference Xbox

Starfield xbox conference gameplay

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