Xbox: Candy Rush to the rescue of Microsoft’s video game branch?

Xbox: Candy Rush to the rescue of Microsoft's video game branch?

According to the boss of Xbox, the real issue of the acquisition of Activision Blizzard is not Call of Duty but rather the mobile title Candy Crush. An essential plug for Microsoft’s video game business.

Microsoft didn’t spend $70 billion buying Activision Blizzard just for the sake of Call of Duty, according to Xbox boss Phil Spencer.

Mobile presence is key for Xbox

By buying Bobby Kotick’s company, Microsoft acquired Activision (CoD), Blizzard (Diablo, WoW…) and King (Candy Crush Saga). Even if Call of Duty is the main point of contention between PlayStation and Xbox, basically the franchise is not as important as we think for the Redmond firm.

If Microsoft has put so much money on the table, it’s to make a real place for itself in the mobile games market. King, the publisher of the very famous Candy Crush, will be their key to achieving this. To a lesser extent, there is also Call of Duty and Diablo mobile.

The idea that the acquisition of Activision is only motivated by the appeal of Call of Duty on consoles is a construction that could be created by our competitor (note: PlayStation).

Phil Spencer during the podcast Decode by The Verge (via VGC).

Despite the very good health of Xbox, Phil Spencer considers that if the manufacturer does not open up to this market which pays off big, the business will be “untenable”.

It’s an industry where if we don’t grow in relevance as a games brand – we’re not the only ones seeing this – over time the business will become unsustainable for all of us. If we are not able to attract customers on mobile, on any screen that someone wants to play on, we will find ourselves confined to a niche that will make it very difficult to manage a global company like ours. .

Reach billions of players as a mission

In his explanation, the Xbox boss takes the Chinese giant Tencent as an example:

And then when you look at the biggest gaming companies, Tencent being the biggest company in the world, a lot of their revenue comes from mobile.

Microsoft has already said several times that their goal is to reach billions of players. 3 billion players to be more precise. In addition to the console and PC market, which ultimately remains a minority, the firm is developing in the subscription segments with the Xbox Game Pass, cloud gaming with xCloud and now mobile, the best place to really increase its number of customers.

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