Xbox: bad times for cheaters in 2022

Xbox: bad times for cheaters in 2022

Cheating takes place everywhere online on the majority of video games to varying degrees. And this year Xbox seems to have hit hard to fight back.

In a recent transparency report on its online services, Xbox reveals some interesting and crisp details on the management of cheating within its games. According to said publisher’s report, most enforcement action was proactive, meaning Xbox issued a ban before anyone had to do anything in terms of reporting a bad behaviour.

The hunt for cheaters at Xbox

Of these bans, nearly 4.33 million were for cheating or inauthentic accounts, in other words: bots. All this thanks to an automation system. Microsoft explains that this “helps find a resolution faster, reduce the need for human review, and further reduce the impact of toxic content on human moderators“. In short, Xbox is pulling out heavy artillery to hunt down cheaters and various bots that can destroy the players’ gaming experience as best and as quickly as possible.

We learn that Xbox’s detection software has banned less than half a million accounts for violations in the following categories: cheating, fraud, harassment, and phishing. Despite that pretty impressive number, and managing 33 million reports generated by real users, Xbox says that number represents a 36% drop from last year. Two solutions are then possible: there is less fraud than before or users report less. Or maybe a mix of both.

Since a machine is unbiased and can sometimes be wrong, Microsoft said that in the batch, 151,000 players felt they had been unfairly banned. It’s a story…

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