Wyrdsong, an ambitious open-world RPG from Skyrim and Fallout alums

Wyrdsong, an ambitious open-world RPG from Skyrim and Fallout alums

When veterans of The Elder Scrolls and Fallout develop a new license, it gives Wyrdsong. Here is what we know about the particularly ambitious project.

The opening conference of Gamescom 2022 has given us its share of new announcements. In addition to the very promising Where Winds Meet, veterans of The Elder Scrolls and Fallout have announced Wyrdsong. Here’s what we know about this ambitious open-world RPG.

Wyrdsong, the open-world RPG of Skyrim alumni

Something Wicked Games has announced its first game. This studio game was founded by Jeff Gardiner, producer on the Fallout series, as well as some former Bethesda / Obsidian who also worked on the post-apocalyptic series and on The Elder Scrolls. All of these people are currently busy on Wyrdsong, a supernatural open-world RPG set in a fictional medieval Portugal.

This project with some 13 million dollars in funding from NetEase will not draw its inspirations solely from the previous work of the developers. He will indeed borrow a little from Divinity Original Sin, Baldur’s Gate or even the first projects of Piranha Bytes (Gothic series). Question history and gameplay, the developers remain timid on the subject. However, we know that players will be able to create a character from scratch and that there will be the traditional mechanics of an RPG (side quests, fights, etc.) and the emphasis will be on the narration and the notion of choice. The game is currently in pre-alpha and developed on Unreal Engine 5. My release date, multiplayer features and platforms will be announced later

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