World of Warcraft: what to wait until the release of Dragonflight

World of Warcraft: what to wait until the release of Dragonflight

The exploration of the Dragon Isles is near for all the champions and all the champions of Azeroth!

Indeed, the new extension of World of Warcraft, Dragonflightis expected on November 29, 2022. It will notably offer new talent trees for all classes, but also new combinations of race and class and the possibility of embodying an evocative or an evocative Dracthyr (the class).

(New) House of the Dragon(s)

But while waiting to dive back into the most popular MMO of all time, Activision Blizzard has planned something to keep fans of this persistent universe, but also novices of the genre and title, waiting.

Indeed, as was the case when the previous expansions were released, with The Eternities for shadowlands and firstfruits for Battle for Azeroththe American publisher offers today on its YouTube channel, legacies, a series of short films in three chapters. Three episodes that tell the story of Nozdormu, the Dragon Aspect of Time, in search of clues to the future of the Dragonflights.

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