World of Tanks celebrates 40 years of… GI Joe!

Who would’ve believed that ? An unlikely partnership between World of Tanks and GI Joe is about to take place. With lots of content.

The legendary line of GI Joe toys is therefore celebrating its 40th anniversary and it is obviously the moment for World of Tanks to have to create a collaboration. Thus the brand invites itself into the most famous multiplayer tank game. Of course you can discover the whole thing via the trailer which overlooks this news.

G.I. Joe in World of Tanks

World of Tanks therefore commemorates this anniversary by adding exclusive skins for certain tanks, with a toy aspect. We can also note new commanders, a thematic web event, but also stencils, emblems and retro inscriptions for each faction.

If you have a fond memory of your Hasbro toys, know that the two new leaders of World of Tanks are Cover Girl and the Baroness with her Crimson Strike Team uniform.

World of Tanks.
Example of the Baroness’ toy outfit. It is this outfit that you can find in game (see trailer).

The GI Joe WOLVERINE WoT Edition will be for the Strv S1 tank and the CAT (Crimson Attack Tank) WoT Edition will be for the M54 Renegade.

World of Tanks celebrates 40 years of... GI Joe!
La Baronne’s tank, toy style.

During the first 5 days of the event, you will get one special combat mission per day. Just complete all of this to get additional rewards and customization items. Missions will be updated every 24 hours.

Wargaming states:

This year’s event features two new Commanders – Cover Girl and Baroness – each coming with their own in-game combat voiceover, two unique 3D styles inspired by Hasbro’s iconic Retro collection, a whole bunch of customization and a special decal dedicated to GI JOE’s 40th anniversary. GI JOE Bundles are available now through October 24 in the Premium Shop.

In short, a partnership that finally makes sense.

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