Wo Long Fallen Dynasty will be much stronger than Nioh, it promises

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty will be much stronger than Nioh, it promises

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty is coming soon and the game already promises to be extremely generous, much more than Nioh.

Did you find that there was a lot (too much) of loot in Nioh? Wait till you see Wo Long Fallen Dynasty, the next big title from Team Ninja. Recently interviewed in the columns of IGN, one of the directors of the game has unveiled new gameplay elements, and the content promises to be enormous.

For those who have been able to test the demo, Wo Long Fallen Dynasty presented itself as a souls-like quite similar to nioh in its approach to combat, particularly in terms of the nervousness of the confrontations, but also in terms of loot and diversity of equipment since the latter already tended to fall very quickly. What could be more normal considering that the game is developed by the same team after all. Only here, according to Masakazu Hirayama, director of the game, we have not seen anything yet. Not at all even.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty will have a ton of weapons and armor

In the first demo, we only had access to a tiny part of the weapons and armor present in the game, such as a katana, double swords, polearms or even a bow. Well know that in the final game, there will be a total of no less than 16 different weapons (13 for melee and 3 for ranged combat) and more than 40 sets of unique armor with various and varied bonuses. Yes, it’s huge.

The director tells us, for example, that it will be possible to equip axes, sticks, heavy weapons or even spears typical of the Three Kingdoms period.
An ultra-diversified arsenal, even more than a nioh which already offered a generous range of weapons, which we can improve on the fly by going to a blacksmith and which we can also collect during our missions.

Fans of the Three Kingdoms period can also expect to find a whole host of iconic weapons and armor belonging to the illustrious warlords of the time. For example, you can play as Guan Yu wearing his armor and the iconic “Azure Dragon Crescent Glaive”. Some bosses also drop their weapons, which you can equip after defeating them.

Masakazu Hirayama via IGN

The developer also claims that each weapon has a specific movement palette and benefits from unique animations. It will also be possible to equip two different melee weapons and change them on the fly to chain combos. And if the game has been designed in such a way that it can be completed without changing the type of equipment, versatility is still recommended.

If you master the combos of a weapon type and get used to its martial arts, you should be able to finish the game without switching weapons. However, from a game design point of view, we advise players to switch weapons depending on the enemies.

Masakazu Hirayama via IGN

A bit of gameplay to wait

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty therefore promises to be particularly huge in terms of mechanics and should offer a large number of different approaches, much more than nioh. Hyper nervous souls-like fans should therefore be in heaven and the optimization of the equipment at the rendezvous.
The game is expected is still expected for March 3, 2023 on PS5, Xbox Series, PC, PS4 and Xbox One and to wait, we even have the right to a little gameplay, once again shared by IGN. We can see one of the first environments of the game and new enemies.

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