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With the horrific thriller “Quietly 2” currently in theaters, you might want to watch or replay the first film. We tell you where it is available!

For a week now, you can discover in theaters the horrific thriller Without a noise 2, led by Emily Blunt and Cillian Murphy. A feature film in which a family faces danger from the outside world, after deadly events have occurred in their home not long before.

What events are we talking about here? To find out, of course, you have to have seen Without a noise, released in 2018. An oppressive work, a real sensory experience, which saw this same family trying to survive under the threat of mysterious creatures attacking at the slightest noise. A horror film unlike any other that asked the cast to learn sign language, Without a Sound is even a little more than that.

“Actually, my favorite movies, horror or not, are the ones that have a palpable underlying metaphor. Without a Sound is a scary movie, but it’s scary because it’s about a real family. And I felt that my personal experience could really add something to the film “, declared in 2018 the director John Krasinski, who gave in this film the reply to Emily Blunt, his companion in the city.

To discover Without a noise and thus put yourself in the best conditions for Without a noise 2, or quite simply for a catch-up session before a second dose of shivers, go quickly to the Amazon Prime Vido service. Without a noise is indeed available now on the platform.

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