Will Fallout New Vegas 2 be released? The director’s response

Will Fallout New Vegas 2 be released? The director's response

Now that Bethesda and Obsidian are reunited within the great Xbox family, when will there be a Fallout New Vegas 2? Director Josh Sawyer gives his opinion.

Many would pay dearly for a Fallout New Vegas 2 from Obsidian Entertainment. A possible dream?

Fallout New Vegas 2? It’s not impossible…

After Obsidian Entertainment boss Feargus Urquhart came out in favor of a new franchise game from the studio, another developer says yes to Fallout New Vegas 2.

In an interview for Kinda Funny Games, Josh Sawyer, director on Fallout New Vegas released in 2010, is ready for a sequel and gave his thoughts on the matter. He might even choose California or the Midwest for the setting of an unreleased episode.

I love Fallout, I love the universe, I could see myself working on it again, but we’ll see where the future takes us. I don’t know exactly and I haven’t thought about it in quite a while because again it kinda happened in my life and then went away. I think California or the Midwest would be very interesting. Of course, you have to find something that excites me as a director, but also something that galvanizes the team and that is in the general continuity of the franchise.

The project is not launched but the desire is clearly there. Perhaps all that remains is to convince Microsoft? Obsidian Entertainment has indeed entered the Xbox Game Studios family alongside Bethesda, the publisher of Fallout New Vegas first of the name.

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