While waiting for Fallout 5, here is Fallout London scheduled for 2023

As we know, Fallout 5 will not arrive for a very long time. To make the players wait, a group of modders enthusiast has embarked on a large-scale project: Fallout: London.

Fallout London will arrive in 2023

Turning Fallout 4 into a whole new game. It’s almost the crazy challenge that this group of fans set themselves, which announced the release of their mod in 2023 with a full-fledged trailer. From Big Ben to the London Eye to the Tower of London, Fallout London will immerse players in a post-apocalyptic version of the British capital. A small (radioactive) wind of freshness, which changes from the usual framework which systematically takes place in the United States.

A mod looking like a well-finished DLC that will require you to own Fallout 4 and all of its expansions. Fallout London will also be as complete as an official DLC by offering a scenario that takes place 50 years before the events of the base game, side quests, NPCs, new enemies and of course new weapons galore. Far from the American continent, the players will abandon Vaut-Tec and its famous Vault-Boy, in favor of a new British company having built anti-atomic shelters.

Fallout London

Team members recruited for Fallout 5?

The ambition of the project is such that the team of modders even afforded the luxury of bringing in a few well-known actors like Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy, the sixth and seventh Doctor of Doctor Who.

The project is such that Bethesda has even recruited some team members from this mod. Stephanie Zachariadis, lead writer of Fallout London and Ryan Johnson, lead tech advisorhave since joined the studio, no doubt to swell the ranks on Fallout 5. The project manager was also approached but preferred to decline the offer to devote himself to his baby.

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