When FF7 Remake meets the original, it’s as wacky as it is awesome!

When FF7 Remake meets the original… Nostalgics dreamed it, a fan did. And the result is as original as it is crazy! The proof in video.

Rereading of the cult PS1 game, FF7 Remake has won over fans and new players alike with its staging, its universe, its modernized gameplay, but above all its beautifully crafted graphics. The arrival of PC gaming has allowed fans to fulfill their wildest dreams, such as being able to play Red XIII or other characters. However, a nostalgic fan went further and the result is just awesome.

FF7 Remake’s goofy encounter and the original game

When FF7 Remake meets the original game. Fans have dreamed of it, a modder did it. The user FantasyRaider has indeed released a mod that has been particularly noticed. And for good reason, he replaced the models of Cloud, Tifa, Aerith and Barret with those of the PS1 game. This change is applied for both gameplay and cinematics, but only those using the in-game engine. The result is as explosive as it is brilliant.

FF7 Original Remake

This leads to some pretty goofy scenes, especially when other characters are around, or during fights. Indeed everything, the rest, be it the scenery, the NPCs or the monsters, retain their modern appearance. The FF7 Remake Intermission DLC has also received the same treatment. Yuffie and Sonon also find their appearance of the Windows version of 1998. Small changes that have already hit the mark with the most nostalgic. For those who wish to install it, download the mod of Final Fantasy 7 Remake to this address then create a “mods” folder within “FFVIIRemakeIntergrade\End\Content\Paks”.

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