When Fallout 4 turns into a horror game, it looks like this

After a 2017 release and abandonment by its creator, Fallout 4’s Pilgrim mod aimed to turn Bethesda’s RPG into a horror title by changing textures, sounds, and even the weather system to bring a little more terror to environments. Returned from the dead (it is the case to say it) in 2019, Pilgrim was again abandoned.

Fallout 4 with a new face

For good this time, Fallout 4’s Pilgrim mod is back for a third time. Rather than simply being reissued, all content is getting a complete 2022-style remaster, including new weather effects and full compatibility with DLCs. To soak up all this, we advise you to watch the trailer below:

Yes it’s scary and it’s quite unhealthy, especially with this omnipresent fog which almost brings a Silent Hill touch to Fallout 4. If you want to scare yourself, the mod can be downloaded very simply by going to the famous platform Nexus. Despite its effect, the mod does not add additional creatures and merely reuses the content already present in Bethesda’s RPG. Why bother when the substantial marrow of Fallout 4 is sufficient?

Here’s how to install Pilgrim:


1: Install ENB Helper for the game.
2: Download the latest ENBs from ENBDev.com.
3: You ONLY need the dll files in the “WrapperVersion” folder of the ENB zip file. Place them in the root directory of your Fallout game.
4: Download the Pilgrim ENB files and follow the installation instructions included in the zip file.
5: Download and install the Pilgrim weather and music plugin.
6: Enjoy

Fallout 4.
You will have nightmares…

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