What is this grandpa ?! : Chantal Ladesou very fit in this first trailer


Never two without three ! After “What is this family ?! And “What is this granny ?! “, Chantal Ladesou is resuming for the third time her role of eccentric grandmother in” What is this grandpa ?! ” “. Laughs and gags will be on the program again, as the trailer shows.

Welcome to a blended family

After getting known with Neuilly his mother !, Gabriel Julien-Laferrière released in 2016 What is this family ?!, wacky French comedy that follows the adventures of a somewhat complex blended family. To everyone’s surprise, the film was a small success (800,000 admissions in France), allowing the launch of a second part in 2019 entitled What is this granny ?!. Even more surprisingly, the film does better than its predecessor with 1.2 million admissions. Therefore, in view of such results, What is this grandpa ?! is eagerly awaited by fans. It must be said that this trilogy can count on the incredible Chantal Ladesou.

Since the beginning of the saga, she is its major figure, gracefully embodying the fantastic grandmother Aurore. Just like the previous installment, this episode 3 will revolve around the granny, as the trailer shows.

The Chantal Ladesou Show

Once again, Chantal Ladesou is ready to make the whole of France laugh. Indeed, in this sequel, Grandma Aurore finds herself with amnesia, after having suffered an accidental fall. During her convalescence, she only talks about a certain Gégé, who would be her youthful love. Her grandchildren will then take the road with her in search of the mysterious man. However, when they find him, the famous Gégé has become a gruff and cantankerous grandpa. As shown by the images of the trailer, escapades, misunderstandings and follies of all kinds will still be there.

Aurore (Chantal Ladesou) – What is this grandpa? © Bonne Pioche Cinema

Casting side, in addition to Chantal Ladesou, we find the actors of the previous films with Julie Gayet, Thierry Neuvic, Julie Depardieu, Claudia Tagbo, Lucien Jean-Baptiste, Philippe Katerine and Arié Elmaleh for the adult roles. Sadio Diallo, Teïlo Azaïs, Violette Guillon, Luna Aglat, Benjamin Douba Paris, Chann Aglat and Lilian Dugois resume their roles as children. Finally, the magnificent Patrick Chesnais will play the famous Gégé.

What is this grandpa ?! will be released in French theaters on August 11. A beautiful summer comedy awaits you.

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