Wednesday about to spray Stranger Things and Dahmer on Netflix?

Wednesday about to spray Stranger Things and Dahmer on Netflix?

The Wednesday series, produced and directed in part by Tim Burton, is a hit like never before on Netflix. To the point of becoming the star program in the weeks to come?

The Addams Family and Netflix is ​​a rolling business. In less than a month, the series Wednesday managed to be essential, and not only on the platform at N rouge…

Wednesday, a new benchmark for Netflix programs

In 28 Days, Wednesday is one of Netflix’s biggest hits ever. But what is it ? A series on one of the two terrible children of the Addams Family, Wednesday, as she joins the Nevermore Academy. The school of the last chance for her after being expelled from her previous establishments.

Now a student at the quirky Nevermore Academy, Wednesday Addams tries to fit in with the other students while investigating a series of murders that terrorizes the town…

A relatively anticipated program for two reasons. The first is the return of the Addams Family franchise which is part of pop culture. The second is that Tim Burton (Edward Scissorhands, Ed Wood, Mars Attacks…) is closely involved in the project since he directed the first four episodes and is the series producer.

As a result, it’s a huge hit for Netflix with more than 752.5 hours of viewing. This makes Wednesday one of the most watched English-language series on the platform. In second position, we find Dahmer and its 856.2 million hours of viewing, and at the top, Stranger Things 4 with 1.35 billion hours of viewing.

The Wednesday series trending on Tik Tok

The social network Tik Tok seized on this success in stride. Subscribers to the service film themselves with or without Wednesday’s cosplay, reproducing a dance that we see in one of the episodes. Performances shared with the hashtag #Wednesdaydance.

Netflix can say a big thank you to Jenna Ortega, the actress who carries the TV show from start to finish.

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