Waterworld: the cursed film will be produced in series


Famous for the problems that disrupted its conception, “Waterworld” falls into the category of cursed films. To our amazement, a series is in the works at Universal with Dan Trachtenberg (“10 Cloverfield Lane”) directing.

Waterworld: a catastrophic shoot

Waterworld had to be a great movie. This was the plan when production started, with an initial budget envelope of $ 100 million. Headlining Kevin Costner is in Olympic form in Hollywood. But the shots turned into a disaster. The budget is exploding (it ends at over 170 million) at the same time as the company is lagging behind for various reasons and worries are piling up all over the place.

The film takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where the oceans have taken over because of global warming. Our planet is submerged, forcing people to live on water. A lonely sailor longs to set foot on Dryland, the only place where a piece of land endures. In the company of a woman and a little girl, he embarks on a dangerous adventure.

Waterworld © Universal Pictures

Nobody can say that Waterworld is the successful blockbuster he wanted to be. Not to mention a complete failure, the final cut is overall a disappointment. Fortunately, a version director’s cut raise the level a little. In summary, the film has entered the legend more for its eventful conception than for its cinematic qualities.

A Waterworld series in development

26 years later, Collider reveals thata series in the universe is in preparation. A creation for the small screen surprise, and which further proves that Hollywood is not tired of digging into the old pots. Producers John Davis and John Fox have confirmed to American media that the project exists. Upon completion, we will find Dan Trachtenberg, who became known with 10 Cloverfield Lane and who is currently in charge of Skull, the new film in the franchise Predator.

According to John Davis, the series will be a continuation of what we saw in Waterworld, taking place 20 years later. Some characters will be back, without knowing which ones, why or how. The other producer specifies that the approach is not yet 100% defined and that the creative process is underway, with discussions in the company of different writers. As for the broadcast, it should happen on Peacock, Universal’s streaming service. It is far too early to mention a date given that development appears to be at an early stage.

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