Warhammer Daktide: the studio makes its mea culpa and makes you an announcement

Warhammer Daktide: the studio makes its mea culpa and makes you an announcement

Whereas Warhammer Darktide was supposed to be the worthy successor to Vermintide 2, but things didn’t go as planned. Here’s what we can learn.

Vermintide 2 was an excellent game, intended to be played over the very long term. Under these conditions, the community of Warhammer darktide had the same expectation. A game with a complete crafting system and rewards that allow you to be very enduring over several years. It is clear that this is ultimately not the case, to the point that the Fatshark studio makes its mea culpa via a letter for the community.

Fatshark apologizes for Warhammer darktide

At Fatshark, we take great pride in our ability to deliver games that millions of people enjoy. That’s what we tried to do with Warhammer 40,000: Darktide : create a very engaging and stable game, with a level of depth that will keep you playing for weeks, not hours.

We did not meet these expectations.

Over the next few months, our sole focus will be to respond to feedback from many of you. In particular, we will focus on implementing a comprehensive crafting system, a more rewarding progression loop, and we will continue to work on game stability and performance optimizations.

This also means that we will be delaying the rollout of our seasonal content and the launch of the Xbox Series XIS. We will also be suspending future premium cosmetic releases. We just couldn’t continue on this path knowing that we didn’t respond to many in-game comments today.

Thanks for playing and giving us your feedback. We really appreciate them. They have contributed and will continue to contribute to shaping the Warhammer Darktide we love.

Martin Wahlund

CEO and co-founder of Fatshark

So, the studio will completely rework its crafting system and focus on a progression system that involves more rewards. Which it is true, is sorely lacking in the game since its launch. This is also a fairly general opinion since many players have commented on the official forum as well as in the reviews. Steam.

At the same time, we also learn about the decline of the season pass and future content, including in particular the console versions to offer a version of Warhammer darktide more blameless. We hope that will be enough to bring the FPS a long life in the same way as Vermintidewhich still remains in the eyes of many one of the best cooperative games of its last years.

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