Warcraft: he spends 700 hours recreating a legendary sword… in jewelry!

If there is indeed a cult character in the Warcraft license, it is undoubtedly Arthas Menethil who appears for the very first time in Warcraft III and who has never ceased to attract curiosity. Once Crown Prince of Lordearon and Knight of the Silver Hand, he was corrupted by the Lich King (sorry for the spoiler).

A very meticulous work on Warcraft

A long creative process @Febo

It is undoubtedly for this reason that Febo, a Warcraft fan but above all a jeweler with no less than 10 years of experience, decided to faithfully reproduce the Frostmourne sword (Frostmourne in VO), the famous blade of Death Knight Arthas Menethil. He explains :

Because Frostmourne has been in the lore since 2004 in different games and expansions, I had to decide which design I would use as a reference. I used the Warcraft Reforged design, and I know everyone hates Reforged, but for me it’s still the nicest version of Frostmourne and it’s definitely the one with the most detail : and j love the details!”

You can find all of his work and his creative process via the video that appears above this news. Just imagine, 700 hours of work to get there. There is only one word to say… WOW! (no pun intended).

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