War Thunder Edge: the MMO giant finally has a mobile version

War Thunder Edge: the MMO giant finally has a mobile version

The MMO giant War Thunder offers a mobile spin-off called War Thunder Edge to continue waging war wherever possible.

The monster War Thunder is an MMO with millions of players that still has the luxury of having between 500 and 700 million players daily. In this context of success, we can better understand the interest for the publisher Gaijin Entertainment to offer a mobile spin-off bearing the name of WT: Edge which is under development and will enter closed beta testing in the coming months.

War Thunder, yes, but everywhere

The game should feature realistic damage and flight models and historically accurate vehicles as is already the case in the console/PC game War Thunder, but with the addition of a progression system that will be adapted to the mobile experience and allow players to access new vehicles more quickly. Because we suspect that the playing times are not comparable.

Gaijin Entertainment, explains in its press release:

Players have been asking us for many years to decline War Thunder on mobile devices. We first needed to make sure that sufficiently powerful hardware was widely available to gamers, and that the mobile gaming audience was ready for hardcore games like War Thunder. Now we think the time has come.

Basically, we tried to determine the benefits of War Thunder compared to other games on the market, and to focus on bringing this to mobile

It must be admitted that the MMO can be particularly complex, especially when it comes to winning a fight in a plane that you have just unlocked and which you are not used to. Ditto on the side of tanks and warships.

For the time being we have no release for this mobile game which is planned for Android and iOS. As explained a little above, we should have a beta phase in the coming months to get an idea.

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