VOD: what movies to watch this week from August 1 to 8? – Cinema News


What are the latest VOD releases? The answer in our weekly recap.


Available on VOD on August 4, 2021

Who is the werewolf? You too lead the investigation and find out which of the colorful suspects turns into a lycanthrope at night. An inventive adaptation of the famous game, in a horrific comedy blending mystery, humor … and werewolves!


Available on VOD on August 4, 2021

Arthur Bretnik, a conspiratorial private detective with a heavy and mentally unstable past, is hired to investigate a murder committed in the small town of Wander. He quickly finds himself plunged into a world of lies. For Arthur, this crime could be part of the same plot, the one that caused the death of his daughter a few years before. More and more paranoid, it becomes difficult for him to differentiate reality from fiction and wonders if he would not be another pawn in a case that exceeds him.

The Convent

Available on VOD on August 5, 2021

England, 17th century. A young woman accused of witchcraft is pardoned and taken to a convent to repent of her sins. But once locked in the convent, she discovers an even worse disease responsible for atrocious deaths among the nuns.

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